Located in Texas City, Texas-

Rise Surf is a surfer owned and operated company. We manufacture surfboards, and house a variety of surf and skate merchandise in our brick and mortar.  Shop hours are determined by surf conditions, but we try to open our doors as much as possible! 

Rise Surf has developed, and is constantly perfecting, a line of surfboards that perform exceptionally well for any skill level. Boards range from retro style single fins, to high performance shortboards, to pigs and performance nose riders- we have a board for every style. 

For those interested in getting their hands dirty and taking part in building their own board, we have a shaping bay that is open to the public and an in-house glassing service.

I hope you enjoy what we have created, as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

See you in the water,

Mathew Wyatt




(409) 789-3602



1201 6th Street North

Texas City, TX 77590



Vary everyday...Just call and see where we are!